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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chiroptera (BAT)

This is my kind of commercial for Christopher Nolans Upcoming Batman movie "The Dark Knight".

Chiroptera, "hand wing," alludes to the great elongation of the fingers that support the flying membrane. Among mammals, bats are unique in that they have true powers of flight; other mammals, such as flying squirrels, volplane or glide, always from a higher to a lower elevation.
Bats as a group are crepuscular or nocturnal; their eyes are small and inefficient, but their ears are usually well developed. Experiments suggest that the middle and inner ear and high-frequency vocals are highly important in guiding bats in flight and in their aerial feeding activities. Some bats hibernate in winter; others migrate seasonally.
In the temperate regions, the young are born in late spring; in the tropics there appears to be no definite breeding season — young bats may be found in every month of the year. Most bats feed on insects, but some kinds feed regularly on fruits, nectar, or fish, and some, the vampire bats, are peculiarly adapted to feed on blood

The first drawings of the bat is made by the greatest of them all Ernst Haeckel (1934-1919). who i will be showing many more pictures from


bryan elfboy said...

is there a key somewhere that links the names of these bats to the haeckel drawings? thanks

bryan elfboy said...

doh. it's in the most obvious of places. wikipedia.