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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins (1807-1894)

Creator of the famous prehistoric ‘monsters’, designed as part of the geological gardens within Crystal Palace Park. They represent the few remaining artefacts of the great exhibition, which moved from Hyde Park to Penge Place in 1854. 

Hawkins was an artist and sculptor famed for his depiction of natural history subjects. Exhibited at the Royal Academy and the British Institute between 1832 and 1849, his studies in bronze were presented as gifts from Queen Victoria to the Zoological Society and from the Society to the Emperor of Russia in 1849. 

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Annie-Liz said...

Great blog; loved the works.

Anatomicplanet said...

Tanks Annie

i have been working up this big picture library on my computer through the years, that finally have transformed into this blog.

There will be updates regularly.

Hope you all will enjoy, what to come